The average age of Sisters in the United Kingdom is over sixty.  Will they be the last of a long history of women taking holy orders? Those who are left are still very active in their community work, reaching out to society’s underprivileged and over-looked - women in prison; people in the sex trade; asylum seekers to name a few. With the withdrawal of funding from key public services and the inevitable retirement of these Sisters, is Britain facing a time bomb? Are we witnessing the end of the original women’s movement?

The Last of Us wants to document and preserve the loving community work the Sisters do for future generations. If you would like to be involved in this film, whether with an informal chat over coffee or by participating in the filming, we would love to hear from you.


This film is a character driven film and will be part observational and part interactive. The interviews will intercut between sit down interviews and historical footage/photographs of the Sisters. The interview will often be a voiceover and will provide the narrative. There will be no scripted voiceover – The Sisters will speak for themselves.


This film is targeted for the international festival circuit – Sheffield Doc/Fest, True/False Film Festival, Hot Docs, Full Frames Documentary Film Festival, AFI Docs and many more. Eventually the film will be broadcasted on British Television and the rest of the world.